Operatory Chair

Our setup has 2 fully automatic dental chairs for patient comfort while on the chair.

Digital X-ray

Latest in dental materials/techniques are followed keeping abreast with the rapidly changing advances in the dental world.

Reception Area

Patient records are maintained on latest dental software for convenience.

Dental Education Software

Dental Education Software to educate our patients on dental treatment modalities and objectives


Mal-aligned teeth can be esthetically unappealing. ALIGNERS are the newest treatment modality that is created by CAD-CAM computerized technology. It is not fixed on your teeth but can be worn like removable trays. A series of such trays are worn over a period of time to achieve correction of teeth. Invisible braces in the form of INVISALIGN. Gum Care has partnered with Invisalign to offer these solutions.


There is a focus on Implantology at Gum Care with all the latest equipment and tools available. Piezosurgical Units to render painless bone surgery, PRF Centrifuge Machines to supplement Implant surgeries with growth factors and a variety of Implant kits to offer a range of Implant solutions

Basal Dental Implantology is an advanced implantology system and philosophy which utilizes the basal – cortical portion of the jaw bones for retention of the dental implants which are uniquely designed to be accommodated in the basal – cortical bone areas. The advantage is teeth can be fixed in 4-5 days compared to the conventional implants where the waiting period runs into months. This too is offered as a treatment option

In-Office Tooth Whitening with Light

Get a 2-3 shade lighter whiter smile in 1 hour on the dental chair using a system that causes minimal sensitivity and gives guaranteed results