Teeth grinding (bruxism) can cause headache

Does your wife or partner complain, every morning, about your teeth grinding  or teeth clenching keeping her awake? The very fact that your wife complained about it keeping her awake made you aware about your habit. It is always the person sleeping at the side of you who will be able to tell you.This habit of grinding and clenching the teeth is known bruxism.

There are two ways one can know if they have bruxism, first is when your partner complains about it and second is when after a night’s sleep you get up with an ache in your jaws or a slight, persistent headache. Whatever the case, a checkup by the dentist is pertinent.

  • Severe toothache
  • Sensitive to biting food
  • Sensitive to hot or cold food
  • In advanced cases the teeth can break or result in fractures
  • Tooth loss

Precaution And Treatment:

People visiting the dentist usually complain of severe toothache. To stop this toothache the very habit has to be put to an end. Otherwise there are other factors that could cause it and have to be contained:

  • Lower stress and relax daily
  • Reduce alcohol consumption and intake of caffeine
  • If grinding becomes a problem at night ask your dentist to recommend a nightguard
  • If your dentist says it is caused because of irregular bite, he would suggest teeth alignment.

Source:Dental health site