Video Nobel Guide Case treatment

Dental implants have caused a revolutionary change in dentistry. Implants are man-made replacements for the tooth roots that have been lost. They behave exactly like real roots, even bonding with the natural bone. Implant guided surgery is a current modality of implant surgery. We at Gum Care use the Nobel Guide technology patented by Nobel Biocare. The world’s leader in implant solutions.

Who can benefit? whatisitTotally and partially edentulous jaws: If you have no teeth or missing just a few. It can also be done for replacement of single missing teeth. Main Benefit: Enables easy, predictable, fast and minimally invasive dental implant and prosthetic delivery, owing to planning performed in advance.





What Is It? A system where cases are treated using a “Surgical Template”, based on model or computer-based planning, to guide the clinician during surgery.




q4216Patient jaws are CT scanned and templates are designed from the scans without even needing the patient to be present. Once the templates are ready, the keyhole surgery is performed on the patient without surgically excising the gums. This minimally invasive technique offers quicker recovery times and patient comfort.



Patient Benefits The surgical treatment is based on guided keyhole surgery that is minimally invasive. Reduces pain and swelling considerably compared to conventional treatment. The new concept also reduces the number of appointments and chair time, which means fewer interruptions in everyday life.

Cost-Saving One can immediately return to work and/or social life after the treatment since the concept is built on Immediate Function. No post surgical stay at home phase. For many, this translates as considerable cost-saving.